Clerk to Charsfield Parish Council

June Cottage


IP13 7PR



3rd May 2016



Annual Meeting of Charsfield Village Parish Council to be held at

Charsfield Village Hall at 7:30 pm on 10th May 2016






  1. To elect a Chair of the Parish Council

To receive the Chair’s declaration of acceptance of office


  1. To elect a Vice-Chair of the Parish Council

To receive Vice Chair’s declaration of acceptance of office


  1. To fill any vacancies left unfilled at the election by reason of insufficient nominations/ Co-option

To receive co-opted councillors’ declaration of acceptance of office


  1. Clerk to receive Councillors’ declaration of acceptance of office

Code of conduct/standing orders


  1. To decide when any declarations of acceptance of office which have not been received as provided by law shall be received


  1. To appoint representatives

6.1       Highways

6.2       Pathways

6.3       SpeedWatch

6.4       Village Hall

6.5       Recreation Ground


  1. Apologies and approval of absences


  1. Declarations of Interest


  1. To approve as accurate minutes of the last meeting of the council


  1. Progress reports for information or matters arising


  1. Points from the public. A chance for the public to raise matters of interest relevant to Charsfield Village


  1. Reports


6.1       County Councillor

6.2       District Councillor

6.3       Recreation Ground


  1. Speeding


7.1       Savid update

7.2       Speedwatch update

7.3       B1078 calming update


  1. Planning


  1. Finance


  • To authorise payments as listed below:

Cheque No.  100524   Flower Show – £20

Cheque No.  100525   Charsfest – £20

Cheque No.  100526   Anglian Water – £47.81


  • To note receipt of income as listed below:

SALC – Funding for laptop – £279.96

SCDC – First instalment of precept for 2016-2017 – £2,107.65


  1. To accept the 2015-2016 Accounts before being sent to the Auditors.


  1. To discuss purchase of laptop and software programme


  1. Defibrillator update


  1. Correspondence for Information


  1. Date of Next Meeting





Signed:            P J Hembra

Clerk to Charsfield Village Parish Council

3rd May 2016