Minutes of the Charsfield Parish Council Meeting held in Charsfield Village Hall on Tuesday 8th. January, 2013 at 7.00p.m.

Those present:

Councillors: Mrs J Pedgrift,  Mrs D Murray,  Mr A Reeve,  Mr P Holloway, Mr E Winkworth, Mrs F Moor

County Councillor: Mr P Bellfield

District Councillor: Mr R Snell

PCSO 3034 C.Hassler

Chairman – Mr E Winkworth

In attendance – Mr R E Osborne, Clerk to Parish Council

1.0    Informal discussion during which any member of the Parish may address the Parish Council 0n Matters relating to Charsfield. The Parish Council meeting will commence after this item.

 1.1    No matters raised.

 2.0    Councillors Declaration of Interests

 2.1    None

 3.0    Apologies

 3.1    Councillor         Mr R Wright

 4.0    To confirm the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 6th. November, 2012

 4.1    The minutes of the Parish  Council Meetings, having been circulated before this meeting, were taken as read and declared true copies. The Chairman signed the minute book.

 5.0    Matters arising from the minutes.

 5.1    Housing Survey – It was agreed thst the appropriate time to carry out a survey would be after the details of the LDF were available

 5.2    Grit bin – The possible site had been agreed by the Highways Department. The Clerk requested whether the medium sized bin would be appropriate for the site, the Council agreed that would be the size to purchase.

 5.3    Register of Interests – Clerk has checked with SCDC that they have details from all the councillors regarding their interests and found two missing, these councillors have been sent full details on how to register their interests.

 5.4    Bottle Bank – This to be kept in review to ascertain a site where they are still of value to Charsfield but at a reduced nuisance to nearby householders.

 5.5    Car Park – At least three quotations will be requested for the completion of the car park surfacing.

 6.0    Police Community Officer report.

 6.1    There have been no recorded crimes since the last Council meeting

 6.2    Crime prevention advice.

Catalytic convertor thefts – there have been five incidents of theft within Suffolk Coastal in the past week. Suffolk Police recommend catalytic convertor marking for all 4×4 and commercial type vehicles as well as the following steps to keep your vehicle safe:-

         Private vehicles should be kept in a well secured garage where possible, and if no garage is available. in a well lit, public place.

         Vehicles can be parked in such a way as to make access to the catalytic convertor difficult, or parallel with another vehicle if you own one.

         Commercial vehicles should be kept in a locked building or compound.

         Use appropriate alarms, lighting and CCTV to deter thieves.

         Remove all items of value from your vehicle whist unattended and keep it secure at all times.

 7.0    Report from County Councillor

 7.1    County Council had frozen their part of the Council Tax for another year. £26m savings have to be made for the coming year followed by a saving of £60m over the following 4 years.

 8.0    Report from District Councillor

 8.   Local Development Framework

Following last October’s public examination of our Core Strategy (CS), an unexpected Government announcement means that a further urgent consultation is now underway (ends 21 January).

The examining Inspector advised on 7 December that the Council could proceed with the formal consultation into its proposed Main Modifications which, in the Inspector’s view, would make the Core Strategy completely sound, and which came about as a result of the examination process. A  significant element of these changes is a review of the CS in 2015, which will take account of the latest information then available, including the 2011 Census.

The Inspector also advised that, as the Council has confirmed that the objectively assessed need for housing in the district up to 2027 is 11,000 homes (based on the survey by Oxford Economics), in order to comply with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), the Council should undertake an additional Sustainability Appraisal to support the Main Modifications consultation. That Appraisal should consider 11,000 homes in the district, as part of that process, even though the CS itself is not proposing that level of growth at the moment.

         There will be a special meeting of the Full Council at 2pm on 17 January at the Riverside Centre, Stratford St Andrew, to consider these issues. Full details of the LDF Examination are available on the Council’s website `

 8.2.     Planning applications

   Separate applications for three solar parks are expected to be put to a meeting of the full Development Control Committee on 23 January:

 ·       Hacheston 25MW

·       Parham Airfield, Great Glemham 15MW

·       Croft Lane, Stratton Hall, Nacton 12MW

8.3.      Sizewell C consultation

The District Council’s response will be decided at Cabinet on 5 Feb, just one day before the last day.  I have expressed concern at a Task Group meeting with EDF at the absence of any mention of traffic issues on the A1120 (in particular in relation to the potential impact of some of the proposed sites for car parks and distribution centres) and urge parish councils and individuals may be concerned about this to participate in the consultation process.  I have already asked EDF to include a categoric statement that official Sizewell traffic (cars and HGVs) will not be allowed to use the A1120 or the B1116 and their connecting local roads.

 9.0       Finance

 9.1     Accounts to be paid

           Clerk salary Oct/Dec                          124.80             100418

Clerk salary tax                                       31.20             100419

Clerk expenses 2010/2011                  26.00             100420

 9.2    Accounts paid since the last meeting

          BDO – external audit                           144.00             100415            6/11/12

ACRE – council insurance                    191.20             100416            6/11/12

SALC – Councillor training                  117.60             100417            6/11/12

Current Account    £4136.63                 No.2 Account    £4545.27          Total    £8592.89

9.3    Setting of precept for 2013 – 2014

The Clerk had circulated an amended copy of a possible budget for discussion. Problems were  appreciated with the whole question of finances but the Council, after considered discussion,  decided that an increase of £150 would be appropriate to maintain the proposed budget.

          All items under Agenda 9.0 Finance were approved by the Parish Council

10.0  Correspondence

 10.1  Items circulated via e mail.

          Weekly News Digest, SALC information, SCDC information, Boundary Commission, Bus Timetable changes, NALC Bulletins, LAIS Documents, Suffolk Coastal Area Meetings, ACRE information

 10.2  Resignation

In accordance with the terms of the Contract of Employment the Clerk had stated that he would    cease employment on the 7th. May at the Annual General Meeting. The Council agreed that the vacancy should be advertised by the Clerk.

11.0  Alan Pedgrift Memorial Field

 11.1  Rabbit clearance effective

12.0  Planning

12.1  Concern was discussed over the whole planning procedure. What was the point in Councillors using up their time in attending meetings to discuss planning matters to have any comments made ignored. Variations between plans agreed by SCDC and what was actually being built were also ignored when passed to SCDC. It appeared that SCDC were reluctant to take action against developers due to financial restraints both in the taking of action and the staff necessary to process planning matters.

12.2  The Clerk had contacted the Planning Office to discuss the problem of changes taking place from agreed plans and discovered that after planning consent is given an applicant can apply for changes to the agreed plan and if these changes are agreed no notice is forwarded to the parish councils hence the problem recently noted in Charsfield.

13.0 Highways

13.1  Discussion on the fence at Shrubbery Farm causing restriction of view for vehicles. It was agreed that the small restriction actually acted as a safety feature as vehicles are forced to stop to obtain view rather than just drive across the junction.

13.2  Reported that there is a problem of the lighting at Shrubbery Farm causing a problem for vehicles, Clerk to investigate.

13.3  Check needs to be carried out on the present state of the Chapel after the recent flooding.

13.4  Bank of brook by Mr Reeve’s property is wearing away, there is still the problem of determining whose responsibility it is for repair.

14.0  Any other matters since notice of meeting.

14.0  Dates of next meetings – March 5th.,  Annual Meetings May 7th. 2013.

Meeting closed 8.55p.m.