Minutes of the Charsfield Parish Council Meeting held in Charsfield Village Hall on Tuesday 4th. September, 2012 at 7.00p.m.

Those present

Councillors: Mrs J Pedgrift, Mrs D Murray,  Mr A Reeve, Mr E Winkworth, Mr R Wright, Mrs F Moor

County Councillor:  Mr P Bellfield

2 members of the public

Chairman – Mr E Winkworth

In attendance – Mr R E Osborne, Clerk to Parish Council

1.0    Informal discussion during which any member of the Parish may address the Parish Council 0n Matters relating to Charsfield. The Parish Council meeting will commence after this item.

2.0    Councillors Declaration of Interests

 2.1    None

 3.0    Apologies

3.1    Councillor Mr P Holloway

3.1    District Councillor Mr R Snell

 4.0   To consider the casual vacancy for Parish Councillor

 The vacancy caused by the resignation of Mrs Gray had been advertised for the statutory period with no one coming forward therefore the Council had the power to co-opt. Mrs Moor had contacted the Chairman to record an interest in the post and the Chairman proposed that Mrs Moor be invited to fill the vacancy, this was unanimously agreed and Mrs Moor signed the acceptance document.

 5.0    To confirm the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 3rd. July, 2012

 5.1    The minutes of this Parish  Council Meeting, having been circulated before this meeting, were taken as read and declared true copies. The Chairman signed the minute book.

 6.0    Matters arising from the minutes.

 6.1    Grit bins – Chairman to produce a map showing possible sites ready for forwarding to the Highways Department.

 6.2    Bus shelter – Mr Warner had been approached but no reply to date. Query as to whether the County Council could provide shelters, answer they only provide for themselves. Clerk would provide possible suppliers.

 6.3    Flooding – Mr Tweddle had lowered bank on Potsford Brook.

 6.4    Broken pipe – This was the one causing flooding on a public footpath. It was a broken sewer.

 6.5    Housing survey – It was agreed to invite Sunila Osborne from ACRE to outline the procedure for carrying out a survey

 7.0    Any matters for the Police Community Officer

 7.1    Discussion on the proposed opening hours given by the applicants for a license for the Three Horseshoes.  The licensing authority now is the District Council and any objections to the application must be made to them.

 8.0    Report from County Councillor

 8.1    Some Suffolk schools had been arranged with a two tier system which the County had changed to a three tier system as used by the majority of Suffolk schools and in the cases of Haverhill and Lowestoft had resulted in significant improvements in Key stage 2.

 8.2    County Libraries are all to remain open under charitable status.

 8.3    Delegates from China and Korea have been visiting the County Council to see examples of renewable energy.

 8.4    EDF continue their commitment to provide Sizewell C.

 9.0    Report from District Councillor

 9.1    By phone to Clerk. – SCDC has signed a 10 year contract with SCC to continue their excellent and economic services on waste collection for the continued benefit of council tax payers.

 10.0  Finance

 10.1  Accounts to be paid

          Lees Flooring (village hall)                              900.00                  100410

         Anglian Water (village hall)                            205.48                  100411

         Clerk, salary July/September                           124.80                  100412

         HM Revenue & Customs (salary tax)                21.20                  100413

         Ladywell Accounting Services (salary)             25.00                  100414

10.2  Accounts paid since the last meeting

         Heelis & Lodge, Internal Audit                        55.00                   100401        3/7/12

         Clerk, salary April/June                                  124.80                   100402        3/7/12

         HM Revenue & Customs (salary tax)              31.20                   100403        3/7/12

         Church Gates Ltd. – 10 bibles                           43.00                   100404        3/7/12

         To No.2 Account (VAT recovery)                  405.38                    100405         3/7/12

         Mr G Warman – materials for board repair   57.85                    100406         3/7/12

         Grass Solutions Ltd. – grass cutting              426.00                   100407        3/7/12

         Mrs J Pedgrift                                                      26.31                    100408        3/7/12

         Mrs A Illing (high visabilty jackets)                60.00                   100409        3/7/12

         Current Account    £4047.62   No.2 Account    £4545.27        Total    £8592.89

          All items under Agenda 10.0 Finance were approved by the Parish Council

 11.0  Correspondence

 11.1  Items circulated via e mail.

          Code of Conduct                                                         ACRE Information

         Register of Members Interests                                   Sustainable Communites Act

         Council Tax Support                                                  Health Walks

         E Mail News Digests                                                  Development – Church Lane

         NALC Bulletins                                                          Flood Plan

         LAIS Documents                                                        Suffolk Coastal Area Meetings

         Water Management                                                    SALC Training Courses

         Personal Interests

12.0  Alan Pedgrift Memorial Field

12.1  None

 13.0  Parish Plan

 13.1  Agreed that this item would no longer be on the agenda but any work carried out would be recorded as it took place.

 13.2  When the LDF had been agreed a public meeting to be held regarding development within and close to the village envelope.

 14.0  Planning

15.0 Highways

 15.1  Telephone box – discussion as to its future as there is a strong possibility that BT will remove due to its low useage.  Agreed to wait for the result of item put in local newsletter before taking any action. Box could be taken over by the Council under the £1 scheme from BT.

 16.0  Any other matters since notice of meeting.

17.0  Dates of next meetings – October 24, annual review of documentation and presentation on housing reviews. November 6th. first draft of budget for 2012 – 2013. 8th. January 2013, setting of precept.

March 5th., 2013. Annual Meetings May 7th. 2013.